Best World Sommelier Andrea Gori reports for you at the WSA Finals in Rome

On saturday 24 May will be held the long awaited final of the Best World Sommelier Trophy organized by WorldWide Sommelier Association. In the beautiful room of Hilton Cavalieri Hotel in Rome 16 champions from all over the world will be battling fot the championship. I will be there reporting and trying to get some videos and photos. Just follow the blog to be constantly updated about the event!

Here’s the list of the sommeliers:


Andrew Connor (New Zealand)

Luca Gardini (Italia)

Milan Krejci (Rep. Ceca)

Isabelle Le Balpe (Francia)

Krzysztof Kocierz (Polonia)

Manuel Moreira (Portogallo)

Leandro Emanuel Orona (Argentina)

Gabriele Rappo (Inghilterra)

Aldo Shom (U.S.A.)

Romano Thierry (Andorra)

Yuniko Ushio (Giappone)

Roger Viusà (Spagna)

Byung-Kyun Yoo (Korea)

Gerardo Téllez Zamorano (Messico)