Carl Reh Riesling Auslese 1989 wine video tasting

carl reh rieslingThis started as a joke from my wife’s parents…but it ended like a good and formativa tasting! It’s always difficult to find good and old German Riesling due to a too recent discovery of the fantastic aging possibilities of this grape variety. Here it is how it was! Shiny and deep gold color. On the nose lime and ceddar mixed with sagebrush and pine sap. On the palate, golden apples, ginger and minerality, apricot, raisins and a sweet note of honey.
Click here fot the overstream subtitled wine video tasting!
The fruit is still very present and gives the wine an unexpected vitality. A lot of acidity left makes a good balance with the low alcool (8%). A great body gives a sensation of complexity and fruitness to the wine but in the end it gives a good example of what it is “mineral” for a german Riesling. We tried to drink with fresh pasta and zucchini but we preferred it with the sweet zuccotto ice cream cake that we tasted after the pasta. Look out in Germany for wine like these, often they comes out with a vary affordable price since in German they prefer to drink younger (and not so fantastic well balanced) Rieslings!
And if you ask for a good start, try Mosel Saar Ruwer in the beginning and when you are ready, check out for the fantastic Rheingau Riesling, expecially the one with the Erstes Gewaechs label on the bottle…
Note for the not-so-german, “Erstes Gewachs” stands for “Grand Cru“.
riesling color

2 thoughts on “Carl Reh Riesling Auslese 1989 wine video tasting

  1. Fabrizio says:

    Ma spegnere il telefonino pareva brutto? 😀
    Bella degu comunque, complimenti.

  2. Andrea Gori Andrea Gori says:

    hai perfettamente ragione Ceccoman! ma stavo facendo un esperimento di filmarmi contemporaneamente col nokia n70 e con la fotocamera per vedere quale veniva meglio e solo dopo a “shot” finito ho sentito le terribili interferenze…per fortuna che ci sono i sottotitoli!

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