#EWBC trip memories – Jazz & Bubbles at Lo Sparviere

The environment is unique and almost magical in a sunny autumn Sunday afternoon in Franciacorta. We were guest of Lo Sparviere owned by Gussali-Beretta in Brusati Monticelli, a kind of fortress or a castle (take your pick). In each case, the magic in the halls is guaranteed by the hot trumpet of Alberto Mandarini (accompanied by Stefano Profeta on contrabbasso and Daniele Tione at the piano) and the perfect rhythm of the presentation that alternates moments of pure relaxation and other tasting without a the classic words that weigh tastings. We sit down and listened to the first song, then one by one the director of the Company introduces each cuvee and the band plays while the glasses are filled one by one…

Franciacorta Satèn Lo Sparviere
Soft and sinuous, like the song, delicate and transport, Paolo Conto “Come mi vuoi”
Lime, suffused  floral, orange blossom and brioche, soft lips with just a few corners, back to the final delicate fruits, especially citrus.

Franciacorta Extra Brut
Wilder, direct but not aggressive, more CO2, panache, masculine. Calmness, but sudden changes of rhythm, like the song Funky Tally of Alberto Mandarini.
Chalky, rocky and  direct nose without too much sweetness, just a hint of fresh mojito. Mouth just immediate , a little short on the pear, balanced and refreshing with a hint of Kentucky tobacco that gives grace.
Better watch the video to understand ..

Franciacorta Brut Millesimato 2006
Light and aromatic, all variations of the trumpet and then growing in harmony with relentless rhythms and evocative. “But not for me”,  Gerswhin from  “Girl Crazy”. Hawthorn and spices, nuts and soft, just grounded coffee, Perugina White kiss, apple and plum, luscious mouth, harmonious, beautiful persistence, return of apple and toasty notes.

Franciacorta Extra Brut
Elegance, seemingly simple but actually complex, the land the man meet the grapes, for a  soft, delicate but long-tasting effect.
So elegant like the song “The Man I Love” , between jazz and blues, Gerswhin 1924.
Another world, rich in citrus, ginger, resin, carambola, thrush,  three-dimensional  mouth and deep, almost iodine, fills and caress the palate but he know as it  be remembered.

Franciacorta Rosè
Orange and white chocolate, chestnut honey, sweet  mouth, well-shaped, pink effect and final of Tropea onion. Here is the song “Back Em Branco and Preto” by Antonio Carlos.

Final  with Thelonious Monk (Well You Need not) and an afternoon tea not without sophistication. I run a lot of tastings and participates in many events but rarely happen to find something like this,  well measured, having in mind the elegant entertainment and relaxation of the participants and not always just the wines and the ego of the owners.

As well as wines, they are never pimps and always are very strong in acidity, complex in certain phases and difficult to understand but everyone will agree on the excellence of the  Extra Brut and the sumptuous performance of the 2006 vintage.

A perfect afternoon of sun and right temperature, finally a moment to let the glasses and the music talk for themselves, without  the usual claptrap of the wine world, REALLY not just for a bloggers conference …