For an entire week our Italian native grapes and wines on stage in California with VivaVinoLa! 14-19 May, Los Angeles!

Maybe it’not easy from Italy to go there but if anyone goes to Los Angeles might be curious to go see the faces of the legendary “American buyers” struggling with our native grapes from those already known as Aglianico or Cannonau (in addition to Sangiovese and Nebbiolo of course!) but unknown illustrious grapes  such as Primitivo, Catarratto and many others. The occasion, VIvaVInoLa, was established thanks to the Italian American Chamber of Commerce and will involve the week from Monday 14 to Saturday 19 the heart of Los Angeles.

Not only tastings, but since the appointment is intended to both consumers and enthusiasts, buyers and professionals, with events spreading throughout the week with hosted in famous local wineries as WIne House and K& L but also in renowned Italic fashion boutique.

And if you can not follow every VivaVinoLa event around, take at least notice of  May 16, precisely the day of the Grand Tasting with the presence of producers!

So let’s see … fashion, wine … what’s missing? Oh yeah art! Do not miss an art performance of the painter Elisabetta Rogai who will be painting with the wine farm Sapaio before an audience of 100 selected guests.

All the info on the official website VivaVinoLa, with the list of events and producerspresent.

and here a list of the tuscan wineries, almost all stars!:

  • Caiarossa
  • Castello di Monastero
  • Col di Sole
  • La Corsa
  • Nozzole
  • Podere Sapaio
  • Poggio alle Sughere
  • Tenuta Argentiera
  • Tenuta La Fuga
  • Tenuta Setteponti
  • Tenuta Nardi
  • Torcalvano