Sassicaia Story

sassicaia1It’s no secret that Tuscany winemaking has been totally changed from the coming of the Sassicaia with the barriques, the Cabernet and some other “international” techiques that in Italy were experimented first in Tuscany. This changed our way of making wine giving birth to the well know Supertuscan wines, stilll nowadays popular. But the ancestor of all these wine is Sassicaia itself, still the only italian wine that can challenge MEdoc Chateaux on their field.
Durig the last evening with Sassicaia food pairing “experiment” by Burde with wildboar, I shooted these videos in which I try to tell the story behind the Sassicaia’s star, as I listened many times from our chief sommelier in Florence Massimo Castellani. The videos are subtitled in english using, as always, the Overstream Service.

Sassicaia Story part 1

Sassicaia Story part 2