WBW #41 : Friuli Whites: Damian Podversic Ribolla Gialla 2003 Venezia Giulia IGT

ribolla giallaGreat idea for a WBW to use Italy’s best and in this moment best known (thanks to Wine Spectator…) whites.

This time I tell you about one of the most surprising whites I’ve ever taste and the producer is Tana degli Orsi’s friend Damian Podversic from the extreme border region of Cars. The wine is an enormous Ribolla Gialla (yelllow Ribolla) biodynamic style, aged partly in old amphoras. Impressive when it’s cold with fruits apricot apple ginger and gourgeous when it gets warm developing layers of sweet notes and spices. Tea, cinnamon, honey, citrus candies and a humami flavour that I can still feel in my mouth.

I’ve always thinked about these wines being the perfect paring for a whole dinner, cold with the appetizers, lightly warm with pasta and meat and almost warm in the end with fruits and cakes. And at every stage is enjoyable and tasty in a different way.

A little bit like Gravner much appreciated Breg and Ribolla but here we have a wine that you can REALLY enjoy and drink, and not only a wine to astonish other people’s mouths!damian
damian retro etichetta ribolla 2003