Per chi oggi (giovedì 15) passa per NewYork, Alessandro Frassica e i panini baschi da Txikito!

Pan’ino meets meets Pintxoat Txikito!
Thursday April 15th, 6:30pm
Alessandro Frassica from Florence brings his gourmet sandwich approach to Txikito!

“‘ino… what’s it all about?

‘Ino, one of the most interesting novelties in Florence.

‘Ino is a “receptacle of people”, every product will have a tale, made of people, artisanal procedures, ancient rituals, places and traditions. Food and wine are culture, they are part of Italian roots, and good products to eat and drink can stimulate and fulfil our search for pleasure. A moment to rest, an escape from everyday worries through flavours and tastes for our senses, to discover that even a simple “lunch break” can be an experience of life and an opportunity for knowledge.”

In this exciting event, Alessandro will bring to you in an amusing and innovative way the old culinary experience of street food, of stand up eating that does not mean lack of quality in the ingredients or incertainty of their origins.

Alessandro will compose masterful panini from Spanish and locally sourced gourmet ingredients and bring a few of the regional Italian products that he seeks out in Italy. Alex and Eder will compose pintxos, Basque open faced canapes of Italian inspiration.

Special guest appearance by cookbook and travel writer Anya VonBremeson and the Uni Panini from El Quinto Pino.

The cost of the event is $45 per person plus an 18% service fee including sandwiches, beer and wine. There are only 35 spots for this casual and convivial sandwich event, so book early. Payment due in advance by credit card to secure your space.

Please email [email protected] to reserve and please provide a contact telephone number for confirmation purposes.

See you there!!
El Quinto Pino is now open for Desayuno (traditional Spanish breakfast),
Monday-Friday from 8am-2pm! Please join us!
401 W. 24th St. (Just West of 9th Ave)
New York, NY 10011