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Summaries of the italian post

For an entire week our Italian native grapes and wines on stage in California with VivaVinoLa! 14-19 May, Los Angeles!

Maybe it’not easy from Italy to go there but if anyone goes to Los Angeles might be curious to go see the faces of the legendary “American buyers” struggling with our native grapes from those already known as Aglianico or Cannonau (in addition to Sangiovese and Nebbiolo of course!) but unknown illustrious grapes  such as Primitivo, Catarratto and many others. The occasion, VIvaVInoLa, was established thanks to the Italian American Chamber of Commerce and will involve the week from Monday 14 to Saturday 19 the heart of Los Angeles.


Cristal 2004 Louis Roederer

Its color is the same as dreams at sunset are made of, golden with amber shades. Then you get caught by the citrus from Avize, the seductive minerality of gypsum, as a continuous dance on tiptoe. A touch of camphor follows whispering, and it envelops you without ever overdoing it. Then talc which brings you back to the scents of your childhood, and a rose like in the garden where you stopped thinking. A touch of lavender, a crisp mirabelle and an innocent juicy peach, like the thread of perfume on the pillow next to yours on the bed the very next day you woke up alone.  (altro…)

‘Ino in New York for the Pitti Taste 2011 preview on 15 November

Taste Firenze sempre più al centro del mondo enogastronomico con addirittura una preview dell’evento ormai classico di Marzo 2011 in quel di New York. Il nostro grandissimo ‘Ino aka  Alessandro Frassica stupirà i palati newyorkesi con una serata evento il prossimo 15 novembre a Soho nello stylosissimo ByNewyork …se siete in zona o conoscete qualcuno che abita lì, passate parola…anche perchè non mancheranno vini italiani adatti all’occasione. E anche se mi dicono che sarebbe riservato solo a giornalisti, un saluto potete comunque portaglielo! (altro…)

La Top Ten dei vini Toscani…esordio soft su Haidu in inglese

Siccome mi piace andare sul tranquillo, ecco che per esordire su Haidu.net mi sono scelto una bella gatta da pelare e ho deciso di pubblicare una mini top ten (ma nella quale sono tutti a parimerito!) dei vini toscani che preferisco e che preferisco consigliare a chi vuole avere un panorama del meglio che abbiamo da offrire. (altro…)

An italian volcano in London: Salvo Foti is coming to town tuesday the 8th

Not only for the sommeliers of the AIS Uk association but for everyone that loves wine… The man that made the world talk about Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio and the wonderful Etna Terroir from Sicily will be in London on Tuesday th 8th in an event not to be missed! Here’s the details of the masterclass that will be held at the Alba Restaurnt (altro…)

And for our English and Londoners readers…a really special wine tasting on Monday 18th January with Selvapiana and Fortediga

Even if we are talkin about Tuscan wines, It would be a pleasure to me to be guest of UK sommelier Association in London next week for being by Matteo Brogi in his new restaurant and enjoy the meal he will prepare. And obviously for enjoyng the wine as well in this struggle bettween ChiantiShire and Maremmashire with Selvapiana vs Fortediga… (altro…)